Successful Medical Solutions

Successful Medical Solutions’ hand on approach allows us to act as an extension of you. At SMS we are committed to increasing your receivables and decreasing your expenses. We maintain excellent results, providing you with more than you expect and exactly what you deserve. Our service will help solve your problems and reach your goals!

What SMS Can Do For You:

Excellent customer service. Each account is handled personally and professionally, ensuring your comfort and security.

All billing questions are answered personally and efficiently. Privacy and support are never compromised. Demographics, charges, and payments are posted within 24hours of SMS’ receipt.

Generating and expediting individual claims which are professionally coded and electronically submitted. All claims are cross checked and only clean claims are submitted.

Creating and sending of patient statements.

Complete processing of all phases of worker’s compensation cases, from claims, contact with all parties, and settlement negotiations.

Courteous and effective collection of outstanding accounts receivables.

Absolute care and understanding that your case is a priority and we don’t get paid unless you get paid!

email fax  530.389.8515 P.O.Box 293 Dutch Flat Ca 95714


Medical Billing
Dental Billing
Medical Legal Billing
Medical Consulting
Specializing in Workers’ Compensation
            Billing and Collecettlement
Accounts Receivable
Appeals Specialist – Claims and Cases
Contract Negotiations
            Case S
Staff Training
“Visionary” Software Consultant


20+ years Medical/Dental/Med-Legal Billing Experience & Expertise

  • Certified Medical

  Reimbursement Specialist

  • Continuous training through a variety of seminars, coding classes, clinics, and on-site education
  • HIPPA compliancy
  • Worker’s Compensation

      Case Specialist – 100% case closure
      with maximum case settlements

email fax  530.389.8515 P.O.Box 293 Dutch Flat Ca 95714

Advantages to using our services


  • Reduce paperwork & expenses
  • Improve efficiency and treatment capabilities
  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Eliminates cost of providing in-office billing software programs
  • Eliminates claim & billing inquiries occupying staff time
  • HIPPA compliancy
  • Increase practice cash flow
  • Decrease practice overhead


  • Trouble understanding your medical bills?
  • Need help filing medical claims for your reimbursement?
  • Do you have any claims that you and/or your doctor can’t get paid?
  • Are you in a worker’s compensation case that you cannot get resolved?
  • Have you been denied medically necessary treatment?

email fax  530.389.8515 P.O.Box 293 Dutch Flat Ca 95714